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13 PhD positions opening in TU & IGB Berlin

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The DFG Research Training Group UWI currently offers 13 PhD positions for 3 years (under the reserve that funds are gran­ted). The advertised UWI PhD positions are organised in four common topic groups. We invite suitable candidates to apply for the UWI PhD positions listed below. Detailed information on each project and requirements can be found by following the respective link of each project.

Interfaces in urban lakes

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4 PhD position opening at Helmholtz center for Environmental Research

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The UFZ offers the following 4 PhD positions:

In the framework of the integrated project “Linking catchment scale nutrient export to pelagic, benthic and hyporheic ecosystem functioning across stressor gradients“,

1) Data-driven analysis of nutrient in-stream processing and modelling beyond the river reach scale:

2) Quantification of whole-stream and compartmental nutrient uptake:

3) Biological control of compartmental and whole-stream nutrient uptake:

4) Disentangling the effects of light, nutrients, fine sediment on compartmental and whole-stream nutrient uptake in flume experiments: Continue Reading →