Best student oral and poster presentations at SEFS10

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EFYR is proud to announce the best oral and poster student presentations at SEFS10 in Olomouc. Each student was scored by three PhD+ attendants to the conference. The awards were given on Friday 7 July during the closing ceremony.

Best oral presentation:

  • Anna Freeman: Zooplankton influence on phytoplankton biomass and community structure in rivers

Subsidiary awards for oral presentations:

  • Ariana Chiapella: Partitioning dietary energy sources using compound-specific isotopes: a mesocosm study
  • Rosetta Blackman: How much can environmental DNA (eDNA) reflect a local macroinvertebrate community in a lotic system?

Best poster presentation

  • Bálint Pernecker: Is the Balkan Goldenring among the losers or winners of climate change? Thoughts on the basis of a six-year long study

Subsidiary awards for poster presentations

  • Alena Dostálová: Impacts of drying on the abundance of Gammarus fossarum populations in small streams in Central Europe
  • Pierre Chanut: Disentangling the effects of hydrology and predation on macroinvertebrate community assembly: a field experiment


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  1. mcanedo
    mcanedo  July 9, 2017

    Congratulations!! There was a very high level of presentations this year!

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