Gender LIMNOEDU campaign – Meet the women in Limnology: developing teaching resources for university

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 Have you ever wondered about women limnologists and their success in a male-dominated field? We have decided to show you that limnology is full of fascinating women who have vastly contributed to our understanding of inland waters, and their achievements deserve to be known, disseminated and, of course, taught in the classroom. Our new project has taken off!


Through a series of online resources, the project Gender LIMNOEDU – Meet the women in Limnology: developing teaching resources for university, aims to increase the visibility of women in Limnology and other Geosciences-related fields (Ecology, Geology, Environmental Sciences) in high-education centers. This project has been led by the Gender and Science Commission Group of the Iberian Association of Limnology (AIL), and it was possible thanks to the voluntary work of many people, and the funding of the European Geoscience Union (EGU).

Central to Gender LIMNOEDU is a website where all the resources are publicly available. These resources are structured in three packages:

1)     Self-evaluation questionnaire to raise self-awareness of gender bias in Geoscience courses: we provide an online form to help self-evaluate and identify gender-fair practices in geosciences lectures.


2)     Teaching resources to incorporate women into Limnology coursesa multi-faceted teaching resource (pdf index cards) that shows the most relevant discoveries, science, and biography of brilliant female limnologists (more than 40 researchers).


3)     Specific teaching units to increase the visibility of women in Limnologythis teaching resource highlights the contribution of pioneers and the current situation of women researchers in the field.


Help us close the knowledge gender gap in Geosciences and share this announcement widely to all the interested parties.


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Gender&Science Group Commission of the AIL




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