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Hi everyone

The EFYR must be young and dynamic, with new people entering from the bottom and not so young people leaving from the top, keeping a balance between Masters, PhDs, postdocs and junior scientist. We believe it’s time to a new person to take the lead of the EFYR, as Núria Bonada is getting a permanent position in 2 months. Is anyone willing to coordinate the EFYR activities?

Needless to say, it’s a work that needs to be done by all of us, as it wouldn’t work properly otherwise. However, we believe it’s important to have a responsible person to oversee the activities and link the EFYR with the EFFS.

So, please, young scientist stand up!



  1. Hugh Feeley  August 10, 2013

    Hi macanedo, What kind of work would be involved?

    • mcanedo
      mcanedo  August 10, 2013

      Hi Hugh!

      The work would basically involve being a contact point and a coordinator for EFYR activities. These means to run the assembly during next SEFS meeting and join the “board of representatives” to bring all the EFYR matters to the attention of EFFS senior representatives. Other of the duties would be to administer the blog. Indeed, it would be nice to have two contact points. I offer myself to be one of them, and if you are interested on it you can either post it here or send me an e-mail to

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