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We are pleased to invite you to take part in the final conference of the European project “PlasticØPyr” on April 21 and 22 in Setcases (Catalonia). Since October 2019, the seven promoters * of this project have devouted our efforts to achieving four results:
1. Develop tools to assess and disseminate the environmental impact of plastics on mountain ecosystems;
2. Study the effects of plastic waste on high mountain ecosystems and organisms, in particular aquatic ecosystems;
3. Design strategies to reduce the presence of plastic waste and improve its management;
4. Ensure citizen participation in the search for plastic pollution and in the co-creation of self-sustainable use and replacement models.

In this final conference, we will share with you our experiences and conclusions, and also offer you the opportunity to present a poster about your research related to the effects of plastic waste on mountain ecosystems or your experience on proposals and initiatives for their management to prevent their release into these environments. This conference seeks the active participation of those public and private agents who work in high mountains aiming at generating a debate and an exchange of ideas on management models, actions and commitments that lead to a reduction in the presence of plastic waste in mountain ecosystems. Step up and join us!

You can download the full programme here

In addition, on the second day we will hold a citizen science workshop “PlasticØPyr Switch” activity, designed for all audiences and ages, where you can collaborate with renowned researchers who will train you in the classification and identification of plastic waste. Finally, you can take part in a sampling campaign in Setcases rivers and in the analysis of plastic waste.

We want to encourage you to come and take part in the activities we organize. If you would like to participate or have any questions, please email before April 10thPlaces are limited to 75 people, registration will be accepted until capacity is reached. If you are interested in streaming assistance, please email

See you at Setcases!

* The entities involved in the “PlasticØPyr” project are: CEAB-CSIC, University of Girona, University of Barcelona, ​​Laboratoire écologie funcionnelle et ambiente, Université Clermond Auverge, Anthesis Lavola and Cicloplast.

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