13 PhD positions opening in TU & IGB Berlin

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The DFG Research Training Group UWI currently offers 13 PhD positions for 3 years (under the reserve that funds are gran­ted). The advertised UWI PhD positions are organised in four common topic groups. We invite suitable candidates to apply for the UWI PhD positions listed below. Detailed information on each project and requirements can be found by following the respective link of each project.

Interfaces in urban lakes

U1 – Interactions between invasive ecosystem engineers and bank filtration in urban lakes
U2 – Cyanobacteria dynamics at the lake – land interface (littoral zone)
U3 – Impact of management measures on sediment water interface in an urban lake
U4 – The GHG Footprint of a Metropolitan Area

Interfaces in hyporheic zone

H1 – Retention of trace organics in urban hyporheic bioreactors
H2 – Integral modelling approach for flow and reactive transport at surface water – groundwater interfaces
H3 – Abiotic transformation of organic trace compounds
H4 – Redox gradients in natural and technical systems: Population structure and physiological properties

Interfaces in watershed

W1 – Ecohydrological controls on urban groundwater recharge: an isotope-based modelling approach
W2 – Scaling and connectivity assessment of critical source areas of diffuse pollution in urban catchments
W3 – Heat and vapour fluxes of urban vegetation patterns – a remote sensing based approach

Interfaces in sewers

S1 – Corrosion and odour in sewers caused by biochemical processes of sulphurous compounds
S2 – Three-phase simulation model for odour and corrosion in sewer systems

Applicants should submit the following documents: letter of motivation indicating research interests and experience and the project key(s) (U1-U4, H1-H4, W1-W3, S1-S2), CV including 2 references, letter of recommendation (preferably from a professor), Bachelor and Master certificates, Master Thesis. Please send your application in a single PDF containing all application documents using the online UWI application platform under:

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