4 PhD position opening at Helmholtz center for Environmental Research

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The UFZ offers the following 4 PhD positions:

In the framework of the integrated project “Linking catchment scale nutrient export to pelagic, benthic and hyporheic ecosystem functioning across stressor gradients“,

1) Data-driven analysis of nutrient in-stream processing and modelling beyond the river reach scale:

2) Quantification of whole-stream and compartmental nutrient uptake:

3) Biological control of compartmental and whole-stream nutrient uptake:

4) Disentangling the effects of light, nutrients, fine sediment on compartmental and whole-stream nutrient uptake in flume experiments:


contact: Dr. Mario Brauns
Working group: Food web ecology
Department River Ecology
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
Brückstr. 3a / 39114 Magdeburg / Germany
Phone +49 391 810 9140, Fax +49 391 810 9150


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