POSTDOC position in R&D – Researcher in the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Basic Description of the Laboratory Activities

The laboratory engages in both basic and applied research, university education and commercial activities in the field of aquatic toxicology, biochemistry and environmental chemistry. Our research is focused on fate and effects of extraneous substances, esp. pharmaceuticals, personal care products and pesticides, in
aquatic environment. The laboratory activity is focused on occurrence of xenobiotic substances in water ecosystems and investigation of their impact on exposed organisms. Laboratory scale toxicological studies belong to important part of experimental activities as well as field sampling of water and fish. Experiments are mainly focused on impact assessment of selected chemical compounds (currently especially pharmaceuticals and pesticides) on model organisms. Effect of xenobiotic substances present in the aquatic environment on fish is studied especially by biochemical markers of contamination in fish tissues. We are equipped by advanced analytical instrumentation (three QqQ MS/MS and two hybrid HRMS) and the newest software packages for data processing.

Postdoc Work Description

- Research in the field of environmental biochemistry focused on impact of extraneous substances, esp. pharmaceuticals, personal care products and pesticides on exposed organisms
- Research of transformation processes and degradation pathways of pharmaceuticals occurring under the environmental conditions
- Biochemical assays, basic instrumental analysis (HPLC/MSMS; HPLC/HRMS; GC/MS); evaluation and publication of obtained results
- Active team work on scientific projects and other activities of the laboratory
- Active cooperation with top research groups in the field (Umea University, SLU Uppsala, CESAM – University of Aveiro)

Specific Requirements for Open Competition

1. Ph.D. degree.
2. Good knowledge of the English language (FCE or the equivalent)
3. Active publishing in Q1 journals. At least 1 publication in a journal with IF>1 as the first author. Further on, at least 3 papers in the IF>1 journals with the
candidate’s co-authorship are required.
4. Practical experience with animal experiments and biochemical assays
5. Basic skills on HPLC-GC/MS techniques are advantageous
6. The vision of the postdoc’s work in this workplace, motivation

Necessary Documents
1. CV
2. A copy of the Ph.D. degree or similar degree if studied abroad (an English or Czech translation if necessary)
3. The applicant’s bibliography, plan of scientific activities, list of fellowships and stays

Please send all requested documents to or per post to the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Economic office, Dipl.-Ing. Mirka Prusova, Zatisi 728/II, 389 01 Vodnany, Czech Republic.

The candidates, who do not meet the above mentioned criteria, will not pass this evaluation step. Only candidates meeting the qualification requirements will be considered for the interview with evaluation committee (the second phase).

Important date for applicants

First phase: September 25th 2019 is the deadline for application submission.
Second phase: October 3rd – interview (possible via Skype)

Form of employment

Full time job.
Workplace: Zatisi 728/II, Vodnany, Czech Republic (120 km south of Prague)

Contract duration

2 years; 2019-2020.


35 000 CZK/month (1 350 EUR/month, brutto). + other significant benefits
Living cost for single person can be assumed as 500 EUR/month in this location.

More information on the Postdoc position by:
Assoc. prof. Vladimír Žlábek
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters
Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry
+420 777 698 427
Mailing address: Zátiší 728/II, 389 25 Vodňany


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